Forbidden Hazard

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Forbidden Hazard

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Forbidden Hazard:

By: Aleksi Juvonen

Novels: Mountain Evil (1), Wings of a Ghoul (2), Pink Mushroom (3), Street Park (4) and City of Chaos (5)

Includes “Book of the Dead”

Part 1: The Novels

Mountain Evil

Chapter 1: Raccoon Times

Its the middle of May in Raccoon city. Raccoon city is located in the western side the of the United States, near Alaska. Its a small town living isolated by forests and mountains. In the summer our hero Joe is coming back from a holiday with his parents, who live outside of the city. “Yes, dad. I am careful and I'll take care of myself. Its just too great for me to work for a such great corporation. I love my job...everything in it”, Joe told his parents when their car is parked to the yard. “I know, son. Still, I would like to see you more often”, answered Brad, Joe's father. “I am going to miss you Joe, you dont spend enough time with us anymore”, says Joe's mother Edna. Tears fall down to the ground from her eyes. “I am getting back near the eastern border when Umbrella's HQ is established in Europe. Just take it easy, now I'll gotta get back to my house”, Joe said proudly. Edna and Brad waved their hands and drove off from the yard to the street and disappeared.

Joe opened his house's door and slumbered to the couch, feeling tired and a bit sad. He thought: “Damn. They are right. I live too far away from my family. Jill and Kyle live pretty near to all of my loved ones. And my work...its nothing, sometimes I just wonder, do they listen to me at all?” Then he fell into a deep sleep. As dawn awoke America, Joe's parents, in their kitchen table, read the Raccoon city times. “Holy christ. There's something horrible happening near Joe's city...”, Brad spouts out. “What!? Whats happening??”, screamed Edna. “Th.. the p-paper...It read:...found a woman mutilated near left banks river. Two fishers thought that the corpse found was bitten by a wolf or a grizzly bear. However, it seems that no animal can leave such teeth marks. It seems that the corpse came from the mountains and fell into the river. Raccoon police is currently investigating the near vicinity of the Arklay Mountains...”, Brad read from the newspaper.

As Joe walked down the streets, there was ominously quiet. No kids screaming, no old people to stare at you or even the annoying noise of the cars. It seems as if the summer break was over. Joe entered a grocery store. He leaned to the counter and asked the shop clerk: “Hey, whats up? Whats going on in this town?” The clerk was facing the man with his back. He turned over and replied: “Heh, its just that our local newspaper fed our citizens fears with some rumor or scandal...Its just a stupid little incident that occurred near here. Nothing special. Got something to buy?”, the clerk replied. “Aha. Well, I think its just normal”, Joe said. He got back to his home with his purchases from the shop.

He ate cheeseballs with fries and chili sauce. Then he turned the TV on. Some news about archeologic findings from the Arklay foothills and the weather. Boring and mundane. He called his fellow worker, who was in a secret laboratory working hard, day and night. He used his cellphone which was one of the newest in the markets. “Brrr...hello? Peter?”, Joe said to the phone. “...Who is it?”, an angry voice speaked. “Its me, Joe! Dont you remember?””Oh its you. Joe, I am sorry, I am going to apologise. Take care of your family, and...quit...Umbrella...aahhh!!”. The call ended. “What was that? Quit Umbrella? Whats happened to Peter? He sounded so weak and out of his mind”, Joe thought. He went to shower and got early in bed.

Next morning he got up at noon. He had only a week left his summer break from the office. He went to the Raccoon city downtown for a walk. As he walked through the streets, suddenly he was ambushed. Some hands pulled him off the streets. Joe fought back, but it was all for vain. Two men dragged him to a yard and lifted him on top of a garbage can. “Hey! Whats going on here?”, Joe shouted. Then he saw the men. They were familiar looking. “John and Jerry!” What in the world is this?”, Joe shouted. “Shh! Look Joe, the city and the world has changed. You need to quit Umbrella and escape now”, said Jerry. “Umbrella has organized the first T- virus outbreaks, that includes this lively city, the near environment and in the future, the destruction of USA!”, explained John. “What the heck does that mean?” It means, us being eaten alive, my friend. The whole state is going KABOOM and we must rescue our friends, family get our shit, whatever we need and get the hell outta here!”, rambled Jerry.

“Oh, ok. That came outta the blue. But before we go, I am really worried about my friend named Peter. He works in a laboratory in the middle of the Raccoon Forest. Something has happened to him. I need to get him safe first”, said Joe. “Well, ok. But if we're going anywhere near that forest, we're going to need some food, ammo and weapons”, Jerry said. ”Yeah”, confirmed John.

Chapter 2: To the foothills

In the middle of a warm summer night, Joe left his apartment and went to a park. There he saw his friends Jerry and John sitting on the bench. “Are we really gonna rob the Umbrella facility?”, Joe asked in pain. “Well, yes. It appears that we are unemployed and so are you soon. How does it feel to break down to your own office?”, John asked. “Look. I've bought us some sandwitches and coke for our little trip. I own a pistol. We are just going to look whats going on in that forest and then come back. We dont need to do this. We dont need to rob anything”, Joe resisted.

“Heh. We're just gonna go “walk a little”, eh? Wake up, dumbass! The city will get slaughtered soon and the Arklay mountains are full of monsters! If we're gonna go there instead of escaping, I and Jerry will need big guns and lotsa gunpowder!”, John screamed. “Quiet! Someone's there”, said Jerry suddenly. The group of three hid in a bush. They saw something wild. Further up, there was a couple who've been attacked by five dark figures. Some hands are clutching at the womans purse. The man is fighting back, but he is loosing his balance. The woman is screaming for help while the man wrestles the figures. There arrives two cops. They start to fire their guns. As the figures fall down one by one, there lies a man in the ground. He has stopped breathing.

The group of three men escape the scene. They arrive in front of a tall building. They climb over the fence and there's nobody in sight. They stand in front of a closed door. Jerry uses his lockpick to open it. They get inside. The office building is owned by the Umbrella CO. Inside there is a stairway. They climb up the stairs. Joey leads the group to a storage room.

The storage room is full of guns and ammunition. John and Jerry grab the essentials. Just as they are about to leave, an alarm starts to ring. They have turned on the triggering system. They cant go back outside. Instead they found a backdoor. They climb over the fence, and the Umbrella's office is full of polices. They found a road and follow it. Theres a plaque. It reads: “To the foothills of Arklay Mountains.”

“Run! Quick, run this way”, John screamed and Jerry and Joe followed John to the road leading to the forest area. The group hid to a small area near a river. They heard some noises and saw lamps of light. They heard gun shots and dogs barking. Finally their hidden place was found. Joe stepped bravely forward and said: “Look, I dont know whats going on, but we sure as hell didnt steal, hurt or take away anything”. The police respond: “I dont know what are you talking about. Our unit found out that there were some gorilla-like creatures chasing someone here in the Raccoon forest. What are you guys doing in here? Looking for an adventure? We will seal the road leading to the Arklay hills soon. You'd better get away from here before dawn.” John had a sheepish smirk on his face. The officer grinned and walked away.

Jerry: “Oh gosh. I thought we were doomed. Lets get some rest.” In the morning they woke up to a birds singing.

Chapter 3: A fine green forest

Jerry and Joe were eating sandwiches on a rock. “Hey, where's John, where is he heading?”, Joe asked. “I dont know. Probably he's fishing, heh”, Jerry replied. “Whaaa!!”, John screamed from a distance. Jerry and Joe left their post and ran to see what had happened. “What is it?”, Joe asked the terrified John. “Look for yourself”, John said. They saw a dead man floating in the river. He had teeth marks all over his neck. Soon the body opened its eyes and started to move its limbs. The group were in absolute terror. They dashed back to their hideout and collected their items and weapons. They climbed back on the road. The sun was rising as they walked towards the mountains.

“So, there are zombies in these grounds nowadays?”, Jerry initiated a conversation. “Havent you heard the news? There are groups of flesh eating ghouls in the Raccoon area. Families have been savagely murdered and eaten”, Joe answered. “Could we take a break?”, John asked. “Sure. But dont start sleeping, because we've got a lot of things to do!”, Joe said sarcastically. “Just like a vermin”, John said. “W-what did you just say?”, Joe asked in confusion. “Dont you know how we are not ever gonna get back alive from this trip”, John asked. “We are wanted by police, chasen by the walking dead and soon eaten by some mutated animal, just to say hello to your friend called Peter”, John ranted. “Yeah. We are dead meat”, confirmed Jerry. “So just leave then”, Joe replied. “Get out of here. I can handle this mission all by myself”, Joe said proudly. “I might do as well”, John responded. “Wait, you're going to continue searching for clues all by yourself?”, Jerry interrupted.

As John and Jerry walked away, Joe realized something. “Hey, come here! Give me back the map!”, he shouted. John returned and announced: “Heh, sorry boy, I was so freaked out by this whole thing that I threw the bloody map into the river!! Then Joe became irritated and jumped toward John. The two men exchanged insults and wrestled for a while. Then they both became pretty tired. Jerry came back and said: “Now, if thats the deal, then we are not eligible to leave Joe alone. Lets continue our mission. We're going to find that mansion.” The three men agreed and continued to travel.

The sun rose shining red from the Arklay mountains. Joe began to dance and Jerry joined him. “Tralalalaa! Sweet livin' in the old USA!”, Joe sang in a merry tone. Jerry danced and singed along with him. John was agitated. He took out his knife and pointed it to Jerrys direction. “Hey, whoa, calm down Johnny boy!”, Joe yelled. “I want to say something. I dont know about you two but I wanna know does the infamous Arklay mansion exist in this region?”, John said in a mean tone. “It does. Peter lives there. Lets continue our travel”, Joe answered respectively.

Suddenly John fell down from the hill. “John!”, Jerry yelled. “Did he lose his balance?”, wondered Joe. “No! He's been attacked by a mutant beast! Lets give him some aid!”, Jerry answered. Meanwhile John was wrestling a brown colored dog on a giant rock. John tried to hit it with his dagger, and got some big hits, but the dogs skin was amazingly thick. The dog had now pinned John who was trying to hold its head so that it wouldn't bite him to the neck. The dog opened its mouth and went for a bite, but was shot cold on the head. John climbed back to the road. “Jesus. Now the monsters are after us!”, he said.

The sun had just set and it was getting dark. The group saw a forest down in a valley. “Thats it! Thats the Raccoon forest. There is the mansion, I've heard”, Joe said. “Look at those monsters!”, shouted Jerry suddenly. There appeared some aged looking men in the road. “Those are zombies!”, John said and started to shoot at them. Joe and Jerry joined him. Soon the decayed bodies collapsed in front of them. The zombies wore white labcoats. “Are those researchers from the Arkalay mansion?”, Jerry asked. “This is getting creepy. Lets hurry and enter the forest!”, John said and started running. The other two followed him.

Chapter 4: Charming peak

When the group entered the Raccoon forest, they stacked up a tent and begun to sleep. In the early dawn, John was up and woke the others. When the group started to wander in the forest, they heard birds singing. Their mood was heightened. “Did you hurt yourself when wrestling with the cerberus?”, Joe asked John. “What? What do you mean, the dog?”, John answered. “I am just saying that there grows some green herbs in this region, they restore your physical energy”, Joe kept on. “How do you know?”, wondered Jerry. “But if thats the deal, you should try them, John.” John regained some physical health by eating a green herb.

“This forest is amazing. Look there grows some plants”, Joe said in joy. “Yes. But remember that we are not here to party. We are here to find the Umbrella mansion located somewhere near here”, John preached. “To find Joes friend named Peter, right Joe?”, he went on. “Yeah. Peter's in grave danger”, Joe confirmed. Soon Jerry, who was taking a leak, saw someone behind a tree. “Look! There is someone behind that tree!”, he shouted. Joe and John took out their guns and walked slowly near the tree. Behind the tree they saw a dead body. “Is it a zombie?”, Jerry asked. “No. Its a dead police officer. Looks like a member of the S.T.A.R.S- police forces. Take his bullets from him and leave him there”, Joe concluded. The group kept on walking.

They saw light green leaves everywhere. And a river and a bridge. “Should we cross?”, John asked. “Sure”, Joe answered. The group crossed the bridge. The river flowed below. Soon the water turned to green. “Its polluted! Somethings up”, said Jerry. “Perhaps a monster?”, Joe wondered. “Look guys. If the “Stars” have been here, there is some kind of battle going on. We are just pretty stupid to get mixed into all this crap. Peter might be dead”, John said. “No! Peter is not dead, you son of a bitch!”, Joe said and jumped against John. The two men began to wrestle. They both fell in to the river and started to blow punches at each other. Meanwhile, Jerry investigated the river. He discovered that the green liquid was coming out from a glass bottle. He didnt know what it was but tried to end the fight. Both men stopped fighting.

John and Joe barely talked with each other. They found a big stone. Jerry climbed on top of it and shoke his head. “We are lost. Without a map, we will never find that old mansion”, he said. John heard something. It was some noise coming behind a bush. Joe heard it too. He took out his pistol. Soon a big, brown colored dog jumped at John. Joe shot the dog to the ground, but it got back up quick. Jerry and Joe started to shoot at point blank towards the dog. When the smoke had cleared, it was dead, but two others showed up further up the road. Jerry and Joe began to reload, as John took out his shotgun.

John shot at the dogs, but they started running in circles. Joe tried to defend their post by shooting bullets at them. Meanwhile, Jerry ran off. The others didnt even notice. Jerry found a road and an old looking building. It was a mansion. He came back to inform the others. They were in big trouble. “Its no use wasting bullets on them. I found the mansion, hurry this way!”, Jerry shouted and the group began to follow his command. While running, they saw a mansion and a pond. Jerry and Joe got inside the mansion, but John lost on track of them while he was afraid of the dogs.

He started swimming in the pond, wetting his bullets. The dogs ran frantic around the pond. John reached for the shore as he saw a road behind the trees. He started to run for the road. He was behind the mansion and in an open area. There was a road and he discovered an empty car. The hounds were after him, but soon there were none. John gladly got inside the car. He started the engine and started to drive, to home, in his dreams.

But soon there begun to flock some crows on the windshield. They shattered the glass. John was distracted and he got out from the car. He tried to get a clear shot with his magnum, but was attacked by the crows. He tried to drive them away from him with his hands. He succeeded, but the birds attacked him again. One hit John to the forehead and he started to bleed. He dragged himself to the pond. John tried to wash his head wound, but soon he was surrounded by a pack of crows, again. The crows started to make some noises and attacked toward him, this time pecking John to his head. John sank in the lake and drowned.

Chapter 5: Inside the house

“Wow, this mansion is looking grand!”, Joe said. “Yeah...hey, where's John?”, Jerry asked and looked around. “I saw John running towards the pond. Maybe he decided to run off”, Joe said. “You dont care much about him, do you?”, Jerry asked. Then a door opened. There appeared a sharp looking man. “Well, well if it isnt Joe!”, said a man in a green space suit.

“Yo, there Tony”, Joe said. “Come and join us for a dinner”, Tony said and the men followed suit. They saw a great dinner table and many men eating, wearing some labcoats. “I am looking for a friend of mine called Peter. Is he still living in this mansion?”, Joe asked. “Yes. But there was a small accident in the laboratory. Peter has barricaded himself to the second floor library. He is afraid of some monsters that have plagued around here lately. Poor him, he blames us and calls us evil plotters. He is such a traitor”, Tony concluded. “I wanna see him. I am getting him out from here. If you havent read the news, the Raccoon city is also plagued with monsters. Myself and my friend here Jerry are getting outta here”, Joe said.

“No one gets out. Its been ordered from the higher ups that the one who tries to escape is shot on sight”, said one labcoated researcher. “And who the hell is he?”, Tony asked, pointing at Jerry. “He is my friend, called Jerry”, Joe answered. “And you just came here to say “hi?” Wake up sucker, we are not open for new visitors. I'm telling the higher ups and your friend will be imprisoned right away”, Tony said in anger. “Ha! So you work for Umbrella? You are a traitor afterall!”, Jerry said. “Look here man. If you havent already figured it out, yes, I work for Umbrella. But I dont stand for their actions. These poor men here are just lambs being sacrified for some horrible biological experiment that I dont want to be part of. Lets hurry and get outta here!”. Joe said and took Jerrys hand. They entered the hall. Jerry went for the front door. “No! Its too dangerous to go outside”, Joe shouted. “This way!”, he commanded and entered the stairway.

Meanwhile the whole mansion was at chaos. There appeared researchers trying to catch Joe and Jerry. Joe led Jerry to the second floor library. They entered an elevator. They saw a barricaded door. They heard footsteps further away. “Peter! Let us in! Its me, Joe!”, Joe shouted. “Is that you Joe? Then I will open this door. Wait!”, Peter answered. The researchers appeared to the hallway. Jerry started to shoot at them with his pistol. “No, dont do that”, Joe said. Peter opened the door and both Joe and Jerry got inside. It was a room full of shelves and books.

Peter, with the assistance of Joe and Jerry, sealed the door. “Because”, Tony shouted behind the door. “Our guest Jerry killed some of my colleagues, he will be imprisoned. Now open the door”, he said. “I will not”, said Peter. “Then I'll smash the door. Watch”, Tony said. Tony took out his shotgun and pointed it toward the door. But soon he was attacked from behind. The killed researchers had turned into zombies. They started chewing on Tony's flesh. “AAARGHH!”, Tony shouted and fell onto the ground.

“Let me tell you something”, Peter said as they sat on a floor surrounded by bookshelves. “In the newspaper they told that a police group called S.T.A.R.S are investigating the Arklay mountains. There was an accident in the lab. A deadly virus had escaped. Someone threw a bottle full of the T-virus to a nearby river. This place is dead. Lets wait for the rescue and get some rest”, Peter concluded. Joe and Jerry drank two cups of tea and fell asleep. They soon woke up to a living nightmare.

As Peter reloaded his magnum and Joe and Jerry their guns, they heard loud footsteps. “They are from some zombies. Dont pop up just be ready to shoot them ones in the head”, Peter said. They began to unseal the door. But soon as they were bumped out, a tall monster crushed through the door. It had a big, claw-looking arm. “It cant be! Its T-Tyrant!”, Peter said. The group started running through the hallway with the Tyrant chasing them. “Dont go inside the elevator. It takes too much time!”, Peter shouted. The mansion was full of zombies. The survivors dodged their advances.

Peter led the group outside. They ran in the yard and found tall looking building. They got inside it. “What is this place?”, Jerry asked. “This is the guardhouse. But dont think we are safe in here. That monster is after us”, Peter said. “The giant monster had the same clothes as did John”, remarked Jerry suddenly. “When you two wrestled in the river, do you think one of you were infected?”, he kept asking. “I am only saying because those blue herbs on the floor can cure a poisoning.“I dont know. Peter, theres a road near this forest. And theres my old car on the road. Think we could get to it?”, Joe asked. “Well, why not. Lets hurry and leave this place for once and for all”, Peter said and opened the guardhouse door.

The group ran through the yard to an entrance gate. They opened the gate. Behind it was the raccoon forest, a pond and some brown dogs. Soon the dogs escaped and there crept a shadow over the pond. The Tyrant appeared beneath the group. Joe and Peter ran off, but Jerry started shooting at the monster. “Dont shoot, just leave!”, Joe shouted. Jerry was facing the Tyrant from eye to eye. Soon it rose its clawed hand and hit Jerry with all its might. Jerry was cut half and blood appeared everywhere. Jerry closed his eyes and died. The tyrant appeared to be the reincarnation of John.

Peter and Joe escaped successfully to a road nearby. They found Joe's car but its windshield was a wreck. The wind began blowing. Peter and Joe were standing in the middle of the road, looking for a lift. The Tyrant appeared from the forest to the open area. It started to run towards Peter and Joe. At the same time a car drove nearby. Peter dodged the Tyrants attack and stopped the car. He hopped on. Joe dodged as well, but he was in a difficult position. The monster was in between the car and Joe. “Joe! Beat the monster! You're a pro, Joe!”, Peter shouted.

The car was occupied by Edna and Brad. “Sweetie, be careful!”, Edna shouted. “Its a miracle. We were just passing by and we got in middle of a fight. You wont take my son, monster!”, Brad shouted. Tyrant started to run towards Joe. Joe was smashed by its hit to the ground. The car drove by. Joe tried to hop in, but the Tyrant was in the way. Joe looked at the monster from eye to eye and began running away from it. The Tyrant bashed at him full speed. Just in time Brad bumped his car against the giant beast. The Tyrant fell down to his knees. Joe managed to hop in the car. The Tyrant chased the car but it couldnt catch it. It was just standing there looking at the rear lights.

Two researchers were watching the showdown behind a tree. One of them took out a rifle. “This is a perfect catch”, he said and shot the Tyrant. The beast fell down. The researchers captured it and dragged it to the mansion lab. They put it inside a glass window. “The S.T.A.R.S can have a real challenge now”, said one researcher with sunglasses. “Fathers proud, really proud of thee”, said the other one.

“Hows Jill and Kyle?”, Joe asked his parents in the car. “They are at the airport, moving away”, Edna asked. “How bad are you hurt?”, Brad asked Joe. “I've got some neck pain but else I am okay”, Joe answered. “This was a strange day”, Peter said. “This was just a beginning chapter of a bigger worldwide disaster”, Joe said.

Wings of a Ghoul

Chapter 1: Chaos

Danny was sleeping in his bed. His shift washing floors at the local hospital had ended an hour ago. It was just 9.00 PM, but Danny was in a deep sleep. Suddenly his phone rang. As it kept alarming few minutes, Danny answered. “H-hello?” Danny! Can you copy? The zombies have taken over the downtown. We'll have to get out of here...”, a voice said. Danny jumped out from his bed. “G-George? Is that you? I knew that would happen. We trusted them too blindly. Now they're going to eat us!”, Danny said. George: “Umm...,yes. You are catching up pretty fast. I am just saying, I am coming at your house tomorrow. Take Lisa with you and lets escape this town with your car, ok?” “That sounds like a plan”, Danny answered.

He went on to his living room to wake up his girlfriend, Lisa. Lisa was sleeping on the couch. “Lisa, wake up sweetheart. My friend called and he said that the zombies have overtaken the city. Finally now we'll have to leave this madhouse”, Danny said. “Ahh! Did the zombie taming facility (ZTF) break down or what?”, Lisa answered. “Something like that. They cannot be tamed, I think”, Danny answered. “One time I thought that zombies were cute and harmless retards. I wanted one for pet. They were selling them at the Toy shop. Lets watch the news, eat something get some sleep”, Lisa said.

Danny took a shower while Lisa was preparing food. They all sat down on the living room couch to watch the news on TV. In the news they saw a journalist making a report of the current situation in the downtown of Toku. Journalist: “The main gate where the zombies in the ZTF were kept had broken down this afternoon. In few hours, the whole city was infested and overtaken by zombies. What should a normal citizen do in this kind of new situation, Mayor Bricks?” MB: “It is no longer safe to remain in your private apartments. I recommend the citizens of Toku to head for the local Rescue Station located at the local airport.” Journalist: “So, why did this happen?” MB: “We didnt kill any of the zombies, because we thought that God had blessed the individual with an afterlife. So, instead, we sealed them to a closed area and researchers tried to tame them, in vain. This morning one of the ZTF facility caretakers tried to bring food to the corpses, but was too scared and couldnt close the gate properly. The walking corpses soon broke loose.” Journalist: “Thank you, Mayor. Now this program, as all the others, will end. And I think that I, too, must get outta here!”

Lisa and Danny went to bed early. Early in the morning, someone knocked on their door. “That must be George!”, said Danny. But Lisa was susceptible. “He can be anyone! Im getting the pan, ready to slam him if its a zombie!”, said Lisa. Danny opened the door. George dashed in. “So are we ready to go?”, George asked. Both Danny and Lisa nodded. They got outside. In the outside it was pretty foggy and hard to see. The group started walking down the streets. Suddenly, a group of five figures attacked them. Danny took Lisa's hand and started running. George stood still, ready to fight.

“Come on, get outta there!”, Danny shouted. George hit one figure to the forehead. It stumbled down. Meanwhile, the other figures got a hold on George. He couldnt move. He was dragged down. Danny and Lisa ran away. They heard Georges moans from the distance. Lisa and Danny walked through a park. It was a shortcut to the car. In the park there were some zombies eating someone. Lisa and Danny walked quickly past them. There was a church at the park. Lisa wanted to go praying. “Go, but be fast!”, Danny said. Lisa went inside the church, knelt down on the floor and started praying.

On the outside, Danny saw that the eaten corpse had stood up and were walking at his direction. Danny took out his gun and started shooting. Lisa's pray was startled and she came back. She took out her gun and also began shooting. But the noise attracted more ghouls. Soon they were surrounded by them. Danny took Lisa's hand and they tried to run past them. They reached their car. Danny and Lisa got in. Suddenly someone got on top of the car's windshield. Danny started driving and the figure slipped off. They began to drive out from the city. After they got to the central city district, a hell was loose. There were noises, people fighting against zombies and cars, fire, gas everywhere. Danny started to drive at full throttle, but crashed to someones yard. They both were knocked down by the crash. They fainted.

Chapter 2: A timed effort

Lisa woke up. She was lying on a bed. She heard someone speaking in the other room. She looked through a window. She saw a tall building with many small windows and a yard. She opened the door. “There she is!”, a tall man with a blonde hair said. “Did you sleep well?”, asked another man who was the shorter one. “Looks like I've survived the crash...where's Danny?”, she asked. “He is still asleep. Would you like a cup of coffee?”, asked Trevor, the tall blonde haired man.

Then Danny opened a door. “My name's Seth. Nice to meet you”, the shorter man introduced himself. At the coffee table they found out that Trevor and Seth had barricaded themselves into an apartment building and were not actively seeking a way out. “We dont want to go out. Its too dangerous outside. We will stay here until someone comes looking for us”, Seth explained. “There isnt going to be any rescue, we'll have to get out of here!”, Lisa yelled. She finished her cup of coffee and went to her room. “I think she's right. Is that car yours? We can escape with it to the rescue station up north”, Trevor said. “Yes. But the northern resuce station, the local airport has been invaded by zombies. Its no use staying in here and we dont have any place to go, jeez...”, Danny said. “We're going to invade the airport. There is some food and shelter. Lets go”, Seth said and went for his coat.

The group went to the yard. There were some zombies. They advanced forward. The group went inside the car. They took off and left the zombies behind. In the midway of their trip, the cars gas started running low. They saw an abandoned coffee shop. And further in the distance the local airport. They settled to the coffee shop. Trevor closed the window shutters and Seth threw the dead bodies outside. “I think we'll be safe here for a while”, Trevor said. After few hours, Lisa started sleeping in a blanket on the floor.

“Do you think they will try to get in?”, Danny asked. “Somebody stay up all night and guard the two doors”, Trevor said. “I threw the bodies through the back door, I can guard the doors”, Seth volunteered. The group went to sleep on the floor. Seth drank coffee and guarded the doors with his rifle loaded. In the early morning, some zombies started to bang the backdoor. Seth saw hands from the doors glass windows. Nobody could get through. But soon the group was awakened by the banging sound.

“What the hell is going on?”, Trevor stood up and asked. “The zombies know we're in here. Lets abandon this place quick”, Seth said. Danny opened the back door. Few zombies clutched at the air. Seth and Trevor shot them cold. The group started running from the yard towards the road. There were zombies in the grassy plains. The group ran the road which led to the rescue station. It was a huge airport. In the entrance, there were zombies clutching at the main door. The group found out a fenced area and a locked door. Seth shot at the lock and the door opened. The group ran toward a fenced area. It was all cleared from zombies. The zombies were at the other side, trapped by the fence. “We've got to seal that door some day”, Trevor said. “Some day isnt a day in the week”, Seth said sarcastically. They saw helicopters and airplanes in the yard. They found a backdoor. It was locked. Danny searched the empty aircrafts and found a key. It fit on the door.

The group got inside the building. They saw stairs leading up, an elevator and a closed door. “Lets go inside the elevator”, suggested Seth. The group got up to the second floor. They saw a guards office and another door. The group opened the door. They've come to a large hall. There were large glass windows where they saw the yard. There were stairs leading down. And downstairs there was the main entrance and zombies clutching against the door from the outside. The maindoor was locked up. Soon the group became hungry. “Lets look at the map to find a supermarket”, Trevor said. They found a map at the guards office. The supermarket was located at the basement, near the elevator. The group made up a plan to hit the stores.

Chapter 3: Zombie food

Seth read the map of the airport. “There might be some zombies as customers at the grocery store. Better bring bullets with us”, Seth said. “Lisa can hold on up here and wait. She'll be safe inside”, Trevor said. “I will stay with her in case of an emergency”, Danny said. Some eyebrows rose. “Do you need something?”, Trevor asked. “Well, Lisa needs some tampoons and I need some chocolate”, Danny said. “Why dont you get those by yourself?”, Seth asked. “I am the only one who can fly those aircrafts outside. If something happens to me, we'd be stuck in here forever”, Danny said. Trevor and Seth looked at each other and loaded their guns. “Meet us up here”, Danny said and pushed the elevator button.

Seth and Trevor went down by the elevator. The doors opened. It was the basement floor. They got inside a supermarket. There were two doors and elevators on the opposite sides. “Get some bags and start collecting food, ammo and drinks”, Trevor said. Trevor went to find some food and drinks, Seth some ammo and medicine. Seth found out a storage room. It contained ammo for their weapons. Seth came back and met Trevor near the door. “You got everything?”, Trevor asked. “Ohh...I forgot the tampoons and toilet paper!”, Seth said in confusion. “Forget those”, Trevor insisted, but Seth went back for those things.

Suddenly, the elevator doors opened up. There rushed a group of zombies from the doors. Trevor was shaking in his boots. “Seth, come here now! Seth!”, he shouted. Seth saw the advancing monsters. He started howling and killing the ghouls. “Hahaha! That was left-handed! Haha!”, he howled. “Seth!”, Trevor shouted. “Yo?”, Seth answered. “I am going up. Its too dangerous down here!”, Trevor said and opened the door which led to the stairway. Seth took his stuff and went for the doors. Soon a zombie was standing in front of him. Seth tried to shoot it, but his gun was out of ammo. He tackled the zombie down and turned the doorknob. He opened the door and made an effort to walk in, but the zombie who Seth had stumbled down rose up and took a grip of Seths left hand. It bit the mans wrist. Seth screamed in pain and ran toward the stairway. He locked the door behind him.

Later in the evening Seth was eating painkillers and the others made some plans for the future. “We'll have to kill every zombie that are inside. And then we'll have to put all our food supplies to the freezer. That way they'll stay cold and clean”, Trevor pondered. “What about Seth? Cant we take him to a med-unit?”, Danny asked. “We cant risk our lives in sake of one person”, Trevor answered. Seth was sleeping in the guard office. The same night Lisa and Danny had wild sex which kept both the soldiers awake.

In the next morning the group had a breakfast in the waiting room floor. “How are you feeling Seth?”, Trevor asked. “Shit. My head hurts and I feel weak”, Seth answered. This time Trevor and Danny were going for the hunt. Lisa stayed in the hall to treat Seth. Trevor and Danny went to the basement floor by the elevator. The doors opened. It was quiet down in the supermarket. The zombies walked separately, slowly. Trevor started clearing the room out of the zombies. Danny shooted alongside him. “Shoot them in the head”, ordered Trevor. Soon the room was all cleared.

“What is left is that elevator, on the opposite direction”, Trevor said. “Whats in there?”, Danny asked. “The reception area. And more of our zombie friends”, Trevor said. They got the second floor. The elevator doors opened. There were zombies eating and playing with human guts. Trevor and Danny cleared the area out of danger in pretty straightforwarded manner. A shot to the head was enough. The zombies didnt even notice them. Then Lisa joined their group. They began putting their food to the refrigerator for longer lasting purposes. The airport was successfully under control. The group stood before the main entrance. There were zombies clutching at the door. “Cant they get in?”, Danny asked. “Nope. Its an iron door. Its electronically locked. The zombies can be our guard dogs for intruders”, Trevor said and smiled.

Chapter 4: The sleeping giant

The next night Seth was experiencing chronic headache and a loud sounding sex was performed in the next room. In the next day Lisa and Danny informed: “Because we've had unprotected sex during the last few days, Lisa's pregnant.” “Have you considered to abort it with a special pill?”, Trevor asked. “No. Lisa wants to keep that baby”, Danny said. “Mhwaat!! AARGHH!”, Seth moaned in his bedroom. Trevor went to see Seth. “You sure you're going to make it?”, he asked his fellow. “Am I gonna die? I feel so angry and sad at the same time. Please dont kill me if I turn into one of THOSE things...”, Seth sobbed. “Ok, we'll keep you alive if you want to”, Trevor said.

Trevor locked Seth into a storage room. If he would turn into a ghoul, he'd protect the abortion pills and some ammo. “Aren't we too cruel for him?”, Lisa asked. “He's a soldier. Its part of his duty to accept death”, Trevor said. Later that afternoon Seth was heard moaning. In the evening he had been quiet for a long time. “You think he has yet turned into a zombie?”, Lisa asked. “Yeah, I think so”, Trevor answered. “Lets go look at him”, Danny said. “No, you arent going there, boy. He is loose in the small room. He would else jump at your throat”, Trevor said.

The group of four had settled down into the airport. They played tennis in the yard, ate food stored in the freezer and watched the television. In the news there were reports of how the disease had spread worldwide. Reporter: “Because of the outbreak in Zombie Training Facility located in a town called Toku, there has been outlandish reports of zombie murderers everywhere in the United States. The world is at chaos. The army and police are fighting against gangs and groups of the walking dead who scratch, bite and murder humans.” Scientist: “People ask me all the time, what should we do. I always say, and more often than that, it helps. We should just let them poor bastards starve to death. The more we encounter them, the more they get food. The more we mind them, the less we humans become. We are now a minority in our own planet. Zombies are everywhere. Just ignore them.” Reporter: “That was a scientist Rudolf. Now the National guard is in search for lost people. They are currently investigating the town of Toku and heading for the local airport...” “They are coming here!”, Trevor shouted and jumped out from his seat.

“We have made ourselves home, and now some foolish soldiers are coming to ruin it!”, he said. “Lets go seal that back door which leads to the fenced area”, Danny said. Both men went to the yard. The door's lock had been replaced, but the door was still a bit shaky. Trevor and Danny nailed the door shut and strengthened it with additional wooden pillars.

Then the alarms started to chant. “Someones at the main door!”, Trevor shouted. Lisa saw some soldiers breaking through the main entrance. She watched the show from the upstairs. She took out her rifle and aimed it at the soldiers. Some of the soldiers noticed her and went for the stairway. But zombies hindered their march. Teeth bit to the arms of the soldiers.

Trevor and Danny came back to pick Lisa up. “Are you crazy? Start shooting at them? You could have died!”, Danny lectured. “She's right. Its our place, we took it. Its ours”, Trevor said with a big grin. “I am going to fight them here. You go and escape with the helicopter”, he said. “We'll wait for you”, Danny said and took Lisa's hand. Trevor hid to the guard's office. Danny and Lisa went down to the basement with the elevator. Some soldiers showed up in the second floor. Trevor shot the other one. The other soldier threw a bottle of gas toward the guard office. Trevor was coughin because of the smoke.

Down in the supermarket was Danny and Lisa, ready to escape. The elevator doors opened up. There came a group of soldiers. They spotted Danny and Lisa. The soldier shot Danny to the right arm. Lisa opened the storage room's door. Zombified Seth was released free and he attacked the cops. The cops started shooting the zombie. During the fight Danny and Lisa saw their chance. They ran to the fenced area. Danny jumped into the cockpit. “Dont go yet. Lets wait for Trevor”, Lisa said.

Meanwhile Trevor was held captive by the soldiers. “You dont ever mess with the law, ever! Did you hear that, scroundel!?”, said one soldier. “Lets feed him to the zombies”, another cop said. They forced Trevor downstairs. It was full of blood thirsty zombies. But Trevor knew the place well. He managed to avoid getting bitten and ran to seek safety at the reception area. There he went for the elevators. He went down into the basement. There he saw cops fighting another horde of zombies. Trevor ran outside. He saw Danny and Lisa. There came cops from both sides, their gun held up high. Danny started the motor. The helicopter flew off.

“No, dont go damnit!”, Trevor said. He was both angry and afraid. His friends had chickened out. He tried to climb up the fence. The cops shot at him. Trevor fell down to the other side, where there were legions of the undead. He tore the fence open and the zombies ran over him. Some of them began devouring the helpless blonde haired man, and some went after the cops.

Up in the air was Danny and Lisa. “We just couldnt...”, Danny said. “...wait for him...”, Lisa continued. “How much fuel do we have?”, Lisa asked. “The tank is full”, Danny said. They flew around the country but only saw burning towns and frantic people. There was nowhere to run or hide. “Lets find some island”, Danny said. They spotted one. They flew across the sea and saw a rescue station in one island. It was full of people. They saw people work and eat in harmony. They thought it was safe.

“Look theres a stolen helicopter. Some thieves are operating it. Shoot the damn one to the nuts”, Mayor Bricks said. A cop shot the helicopter with a grenade launcher. We see a burning chopper falling down. It hits a tree before its in flames. The vehicle's blades stop swinging, the helicopter blows up and its passenger's dies.


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Forbidden Hazard

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Pink Mushroom

Chapter 1: Town of calmness

A small town surrounded by a dense forest lived in harmony and peace together. Larry was the mayor of the town. His daughter was planning to go play in the fields nearby. Erica, Tom and Julian were eating biscuits at Ericas home. Ericas mother Isabelle warned the kids: “Be careful. Watch out for wild animals and come back early”, she warned. Erica and her friends walked in the town. They saw people getting ready for the autumn. Dogs were barking and men were working in the caverns. Women took care of their households. They smiled and waved their hands for the kids.

As Erica, Tom and Julian arrived to the fields, it began to rain. “Some small rain drops dont hurt us”, Tom said and took out his peabag. The kids started to kick the peabag in a circle. Soon it began storming and the sun faded from the sky. Erica kicked the peabag towards the forest. “You take the bag with you. Its going to get stormy. We'll go ahead back to the village”, Julian said. Erica walked towards the forest. At first, she couldn't find the bag. Then she saw it in a bush. She kneeled down for the bag, but realized that the bag was on top of someones head. She screamed wildly. The body rose up and grabbed Erica by the leg. It dragged Erica to his direction. Erica kept screaming wildly. The lightning struck to the field as Erica was killed by the suspicious figure.

Larry was worried as why Erica hadn't come back from the fields. Someone knocked on their door. It was the local priest, Edward. “I am sorry, but your daughter had disappeared. Or worse yet, she has been seen walking the fields alone. She is fatally wounded. I suspect that she was killed and she came back alive as a living dead”, he said. Larry took his coat and ran outside. “Noooooo!!! What the hell is going on!!!”, Larry vented. He ordered all the townsmen together, armed with rifles to go hunt the figure who murdered his daughter. Only two men agreed to come alongside him. Larry was leading the group. He lit a lamp. The group were in the fields. They went to the dark and dense forest. They saw dead bodies clustered all around the forest. “What the hell is this place? Where did these bodies come from??”, he asked. Soon the bodies opened their eyes and stood up. One man was grabbed by his leg. The figure opened its mouth and bit the man to the calf. He screamed in pain. Larry shot the figure with his shotgun. Its head exploded with bloody parts spilled to the other mans eyes. Larry saw that this was useless and he ran off. The last man standing was there without any light. “Hey Larry, wait for me! I cant see anything!”, he screamed. He was killed by the strange figures.

In the next dawn, Larrys door was knocked. It was priest Edward. “People are pissed off because you got two of our townsmen killed in your personal quest!”, Edward said. “What!? You're blaming ME now, are you! Some f----r killed my daughter and it was the same being who killed our townsmen. How is it all my fault?!”, Larry went on. “You shall come to the courtroom now”, Edward said. The other townsmen grabbed the unwilling Larry along. Larry was arrested and sat in front of everyone.

“Larry, someone killed your daughter last night. Then you led two of our townsmen into the forest the same night. Our judgment says that you are responsible for all of those deaths. We will imprison you for now on”, The judge said. “No, no in the name of hell it wasnt me! I'll tell you, there were some dead bodies in the forest. Edward, you told me that my daughter had turned into a zombie! You know, this town's in danger! It wasnt me!”, Larry vented.

“Larry, zombies doesnt exist, its a fairy tale. I suspect that you beated your daughter last night and drugged her up. There were no sign of life in her eyes. We can get you some professional help. For now, just calm down a bit”, Edward answered.

Larry was put into a prison. The townspeople reported that they saw grotesque looking monsters near the forest. No one dared to go even near that forest. Larrys brother, Tim was visiting Larry's wife, Isabelle. “I see. Your story is a contrary to the accepted viewpoint. I shall go search that forest. There must, has to be some clue that explains all this mumbo jumbo”, Tim said. “Thank you, Tim”, Isabelle said. Tim, his son Julian and worker Evans went to investigate. They were looking for some clues.

Chapter 2: Evil

While the group walked towards the fields, the townsmen were running behind them, shouting and making faces. “Booo! So you take the side of the killer! Some “heroes” are you! Booo! Get lost!”, the people yelled. When Julian was thrown by a tomato, he picked it up and started chewing.

“Some scroundel is your son! Eating a rotten tomato!”, one man shouted. “Better eating one than being one”, Tim yelled back. They had reached the fields. It began raining. “Not even a thousand small water drops amount of the blood shed by those evil monsters!”, Tim said and raised his axe. Evan reloaded his shotgun and Julian took his knife out. The group wandered into the forest. It contained pine trees, small ponds and mud. The group saw dead bodies lying on the ground. “Just ignore them”, Tim said. When one raised up, Tim hit its head half with his axe. “Lets get to the heart of the problem. Which is not the zombies, but whats producing them”, he said.

As they walked an hour. They arrived near to an open area. There was sun shining on a rock. Tim and Evan sat down on the rock. It had been a hard day. “Theres no clues to explain all this”, Tim said. “Not even a small hint”, Evan added. Meanwhile Julian went to take a leak to a nearby tree. Julian was pissing on the tree. While doing that, he saw that the tree was in a bad condition, almost like poisoned. When he looked behind it, he saw a small, purple colored fungus. At times, it sprinkled odd gas to the air. He also saw a small cottage further up. But then there appeared several dead bodies into his vicinity, lying there on the grass. Julian ran away to the others. “Dad! I saw a poisonous mushroom, which produces strange gas”, Julian said. “Well we now have reached the root of the problem!”, Tim answered. Soon the sky went dark again. And they were surrounded by mean looking zombies.

Tim hit one to the skull with his axe, Evan killed them with head shots with the shotgun. Julian battled the zombies in their near vicinity. “Julian! Get outta there”, Tim ordered. Julian tried to run off, but was grabbed. Tim jumped on the zombie that grabbed Julian. Julian was released and he saw his father battle the monster. Tim won the battle. While killing the ghoul with an axe, he saw another monster behind Julian. “Julian! Watch out!”, He yelled. A ghoul grabbed Julian by his head and bit him to his forehead. Julian fainted and fell to the ground. “Run! There's too many of them”, Evan shouted. “No! I'll have to rescue Julian”, Tim said and lifted his son on his back. They ran out of there with zombies chasing them from behind.

In the midway Tim was exhausted. He unloaded his son, Julian. “Julian, boy, wake up!”, he said. “Tim, I think your son's dead. Leave him be”, Evan said. “No! He's not dead!”, Tim insisted and lifted him to his shoulders. The zombies crept neared. The group continued wandering in the forest. Evan was the fastest to get back on the road. Tim had carried Julian on his shoulders and was now full of sweat. Suddenly, Julian opened his eyes and bit Tim to his forehead. A small chunk of flesh was teared from Tim's head. Tim fainted. Evan shot the both with his shotgun. He returned to the village empty handed.

When Evan came back to the town, the people were angry at him. Someone came to by and punched him to the stomach. “Traitor”, someone said. Other one came and punched him. “You have betrayed us all beyond redemption”, the other one said. Evan came back home. There was a note on the kitchen table. “I dont marry some lowlife. You dont deserve any love, just a kick in the nuts”, his wife had written. Evan collapsed to his knees. His son Tom came down from the upstairs. Evan took the boys by the hand and whispered to his ear: “Lets go visit Isabelle”. Tom didnt resist so they went by Isabelle's house.

Outside the villagers held torches and were marching towards Evan and Tom. Evan and Tom ran towards Isabelle's house. They got inside. Isabelle was sitting at the kitchen. “Lets go and release your husband”, Evan said and waved his hand. Isabelle lifted her head up. “What?”, she said. “We're going to run away. To reach the bigger town, Lothus. There are people who understand”, Evan said. Isabelle agreed. The townsmen opened the front door. They set the house on fire. Evan, Isabelle and Tom escaped to the backyard. They ran towards the prison. The door was locked. “Edward has the key”, Isabelle said. Soon they were ambushed and surrounded by a horde of villagers.

“Why have you turned against us?”, Evan asked. Edward stood forward. “You have killed our people in your illegal trips to the woods”, he said. “Oh come on, the forest has been a safe place for ages. Its because of the monsters that you are afraid, not us. The monsters had been produced by a purple fungus. Maybe...”, Evan said. “Bullshit. I agree that there has been some strange attacks by groups of people. But a fungus is accountable for all these killings? A fungus?? Hahahaha! You son of a bitch killed my men with your own bare hands. You have invited those killers here! Now its time for you to pay!”, Edward yelled.

Chapter 3: An Desperate escape

Evan threw a shotgun to Isabelle and gave Tom a knife. He rose his hammer up high and yelled: “Thousand rats wont kill one Lord!” Edward took out a pistol and the villagers advanced with their torches. Tom escaped and Isabelle started to slaughter the villagers with her pump-action shotgun. The villagers crept nearer. Isabelle ran off and the villagers were chasing her with their torches and loud shouts.

Edward shot Evan with his pistol. Evan dodged the shots with his hammer and came near Edward. He rose his axe and hit Edward to his left arm. Edward collapsed to his knees. Evan took a hold on Edwards throat and said: “Say your last words now, you pig! “I will”, Edward said and shot Evan to the stomach. Evan fell down and Edward started to drag Evan towards the forest. In the middle of the fight though, he dropped his key to the ground.

The villagers chased Isabelle to the fields. In the fields Isabelle began reloading her pump-action shotgun. She started again shooting the villagers down. One of them threw his torch towards Isabelle. The field went into flames. Isabelle saw zombies coming from the forest. They were burning. Soon the whole forest started to burn.

Meanwhile Edward dragged Evan in front of some small house in the middle of the forest. When he turned around he saw the mushrooms which Tom was talking about the whole time. Then he looked at Evan. He had fainted and his belly bled. He was feeling a bit of remorse. He went inside the house. There was a barrel. He opened the barrel and it was full of rotten food. “Is this the cause of the infected mushrooms?”, he thought. Evan got inside. “Time to bury the hatchet”, he said. “Yeah”, Edward answered. “Do you have the key?”, Evan asked Edward. Edward couldnt find it in his pockets. “Oops. I must have dropped it on the way in here”, Edward said. The both men ran outta from the house. They realized that the forest was swarming with the living dead. It was also in flames. The both men began a desperate escape.

Meanwhile Tom had been hiding inside a dog pen. He released the dogs to freedom and wandered around in the village. He didnt see anything but several ghouls walking around. He went to the prison. There he saw Larry. “Are you ok, Larry?”, Tom asked. “Tom! Theres a key behind you. Would you please release me?”, Larry asked. Tom found the key and released Larry. Now there was even more walking corpses. Larry and Tom tried to avoid them and ran towards the lake. They saw a chaos behind them. The fields, forest and village was burning, there were zombies everywhere and no living beings around.

Meanwhile Isabelle had hid into the forest. The villagers were attacked by the ghouls and intimidated by the flames. Isabelle saw her chances and ran towards the lake. There was a boat. Both Edward and Evan had to surrender to the enemy. They were burning in flames and attacked by the zombies. They fell down to the river which was poisoned. The whole forest was in the brink of extinction. Larry and Tom saw Isabelle in the boat. “Hey, Isabelle, darling come back, its me!”, Larry shouted. “Watch out here they'll come!”, Tom said. There were zombies coming to the strand.

Isabelle threw them a shotgun. “Larry! Kill the monsters with it! You're a warrior, Larry!”, she shouted. Tom ran towards the boat. He was standing in the water. Isabelle paddled nearer. Larry took out the shotgun and started blasting at the zombies. Few of them fell down. Larry threw the shotgun towards the ghouls and got into the water. He started swimming towards the boat. Some ghoul grabbed his leg. Larry tried to climb into the boat. The ghoul opened its mouth, but Isabelle hit it with a paddle. The zombie released its grip. The group was in the boat. They were rowing to the shore where there was another town, called Lothus.

Chapter 4: Lothus

Larry paddled the boat to the shore. Isabelle, Tom and Larry walked to a small road which led to the town called Lothus. It was known for its fire and water fighters. The group had a warm welcome. “Larry! Are you safe?”, Fred, the towns sheriff asked. “Our town is in flames”, Larry answered. “Lets go inside”, Fred answered. They got inside the local police station. “Our town is bigger than yours, Larry. We are eager to help you”, Fred said. “Well, something had polluted the forest. There are mushrooms which produce monsters. My city has been destroyed by a great fire accident and zombies”, Larry told to Fred.

“I didnt know that. But I heard that there was some drunk residing in a small cottage in the middle of the forest. He ate rotten food and that produced some odd toads and then there appeared zombies”, Fred said. “It was that drunk who killed my daughter!”, Larry said. “I am sorry. But I'll send some water and fire fighters immediately to estinguish the fire and kill the remaining ghouls”, Fred said. “Ok then”, Larry answered.

The next day Larry said to Isabelle: “You stay here and take care of the kid. I am going to that forest to solve this mystery.” And so Fred, Larry and a water fighter (Steve) and a fire fighter (Pete) went to the town of Toki by walking. They arrived to the town. The town had burnt down completely. They went to the field. Two dogs attacked them. “Those are my dogs. Why are they so aggressive?”, Larry said. The fire fighter burned the dogs. “Maybe they are infected by the toads”, Fred said.

They entered the forest. There were no leaves on the trees. It was a dead place. There were burnt bodies lying on the ground. They saw a river. There were two bodies. Suddenly, they stood up. The fire fighter tried set them on fire, but it didnt have any effect. “Those two are my townsmen”, Larry said. “Take'em down, quick!”, he went on. The water fighter showered them with acid. The bodies melted down. The group found a burnt house. “Hey, look at that! There is a stone and a button. I'll press it”, Larry said. He pressed the button. The stone opened up and revealed a ladder. The group descened the ladder.

They were at the bottom of a large grave. Fred noticed a rusty wooden door. The fire fighter set it on fire. Before the door there was a large hole. And there was growing a giant tree inside the hole. It was entangled by purple colored mushrooms. “What the fuck is this! This was the reason for the demolition of my town. Shower that plant with fire!”, Larry shouted. The both fighters showered the tree with fire and acid. Soon its branches started to move. One branch slammed the fire fighter so that he fell down to the hole. The fungi on the tree sprinkled poison to Larrys eyes. “What the hell!? What is happening!! I have become blind!”, Larry sobbed.

The sheriff shot the plant with his magnum and took Larrys hand. But the plant slammed Larry so that he fell down to the edge. Fred was sitting and demanded: “Larry, give me your hand!” Larry reached his left hand towards Fred and Fred took the hand and started to pull Larry back up. But the fungi produced some spore that got Fred coughing. His grip of Larry's hand was lost. Larry fell down to the hole. “I am so sorry”, Fred said and stood up.

Fred went for the ladder. The fire fighter Pete had fainted and the water fighter Steve escaped the scene. Larry was hit by the trees branch and fainted. Fred pressed the button and the stone moved back to its original position. The two men came back to Lothus. “What happened to Larry?”, Isabelle asked. “There is something wrong with that forest. I cant do anything about it”, Fred said and walked away. The water fighter made a report to the president of the country about the strange stone and the plant. One day there appeared few armed soldiers and destroyed the plant. There were no more monsters anywhere. What had started it all? Was it a rotten tomato?

Street Park

Chapter 1: Fantasy

In an island called “Forbidden Hazard” there was a famous park, which contained monsters. The monsters were created in a laboratory a long time ago. Almost each and everyone of them were slain, but one of each B.O.W specie was sent to the island. Later on, more monsters were produced. The island had steel gates, a guardhouse, laboratory and control room. The monsters were shut behind steel gates and couldn't harm anyone. It was an amusement park of some sort. It was called the “Street Park.”

One afternoon a walking corpse had escaped from the facility. It was running rampart in a forest nearby. Two guards were ordered to seize the zombie and return it to the amusement park. Wyle and Ed were the two guards ordered for the task. Wyle and Ed reached a coral beach. It was getting dark. “You search the forest, I'll search the beach”, Ed ordered. Ed was walking around the shores. From time to time he saw a thin of a neptune in the surface, but no zombies.

Wyle went to the forest. There were some insects and lizards. Suddenly he saw a small pond. He saw some blood on the surface. He went to investigate. He thought he'd found a clue. Suddenly he saw a figure rising up from the pond. It was a huge corpse. Wyle, by a reflex reaction, began shooting the corpse. The corpse forced himself on top of Wyle. Wyle started screaming. In the beach, Ed heard the screams. He ran to his direction. Ed saw the corpse dragging Wyle to the pond. Ed grabbed Wyles hand and started pulling him back. But the corpse bit Wyle to the neck and Wyles grip slipped. By screaming loud Wyle was dragged down to the pond along with the dead corpse. Ed ran away because he thought that he was in danger, too.

Two months had passed since the incident. There is a family reunion at a local restaurant in a big city. Grandfather Eugene, who owns the Street Park had invited his family to a dinner. “I have a special gift for you all! Its a coupon for all of you, Dana, Peter, Harris, Elisabeth and Kirk to come to my special kingdom – to my amusement park!”, Eugene said. The kids, Dana and Peter were astounded. “Thanks granpa!”, they said. “Hmm...Kirk, you dont seem impressed at all...why?”, Eugene asked. “Hm? I am scared of zombies, I dont want to go”, Kirk said and crossed his arms. “They are coming to get you, Kirk!”, Harris joked. “Stop it, you are a mean SOB. But to prove to all of you and most importantly to me, I am coming along!”, Kirk declared. “Now I would like to make a toast for us. Let us enjoy our strenghts, shortcomings and declare that this is our time of our lives, so lets not waste it on being bitter!”, Eugene said and rose up. Everyone did just as.

An employer of the Street Park, called Albert, was eating sushi at a restaurant. He saw his boss, Eugene to enter the same restaurant. “Hey, Albert! Arent you working today?”, Eugene asked. “I am so sorry boss. I was drunk the whole weekend. I must've forgotten today was monday!” Albert answered. “Its ok, take it easy. It will impact your salary, though”, Eugene said and ordered a dinner. Albert hid a bottle in his shirt. He shortly left the place. Albert took a sip out from his booze bottle and went towards the airport.

The whole family was at the airport, ready to enter a private helicopter. Eugene was late. The family entered the helicopter and suddenly Eugene rushed in. The helicopter went up to the sky. At first they only saw clouds, but soon they spotted an island. The view was breathtaking. There were high mountaintops and steep hills. As they reached the helipad, Eugene declared triumphantly: “Welcome to the Street Park!”.

Chapter 2: Confused and isolated

They packed into two jeeps and drove towards a steel entrance. Eugene flashed a special card and the door clanked open. As they drove down the road, they saw zombies shut down by metal gates. The zombies noticed them and were pressing against the gates. Eventually they got into the guardhouse.

Eugene invited the posse to a special room. It was like going to the movies. They sat down and stared at the screen. The screen showed every monster which were inside the park. “Zombie- the product of the Z-virus”, read on the screen and it showed a human corpse with no sign of life in his eyes. “Cerberos- stronger than a wolf”, read on the screen and it showed a dog with a greater size than an ordinary wolf. “Hunter- the product of the G-virus”, read on the screen and it showed a gorilla looking animal without any skin. “Chimera- the jumping torso ripper”, read on the screen and it showed a blue colored and mean eyed creature. Next there was supposed to be the picture of a Tyrant, but the lights suddenly went off. “What is that?”, Eugene asked. “Just a mistake from our part”, answered one member of his staff.

Then there appeared to be a scene where Eugene presented his theories. Eugene is in a conference room explaining his theories with a stick and a picture of human brains. “The zombies that a man named Spencer created in his training facility a long time ago have certain behavioral patterns that we should be familiar of. First of all, when they see a human, their brain activates their hunger and they begin to salivate, just like a fox when it sees a hen. When zombies salivate, their reflexes become lightning fast. Its primal intuition, its emotions which are based on past behavior, when it was a human, ignores all data except the possibility of getting some food. Now that makes zombies very dangerous creatures. In a more complex and theoretical level, their roles are held by certain labels which they had when they were humans. So people can become zombies either by chance- getting suddenly attacked or when they die through a bite or a natural cause. Your roles and labels in this society can predict your behaviour when a crisis such as a zombie incident, breaks out. Instead of living by your limiting label, you should use common sense”, Eugene explained. “Well, thats about it for today. Tomorrow you can see the live animals with a ride in our jeeps”, he finished.

The next morning Elisabeth, Harris and Dana got into the same car. Kirk hopped into another and wanted to be alone. But Harris's 12 year old son Pete got into the same jeep. He started talking constantly. “Oh jesus!”, thought Kirk and shook his head. Elisabeth was confused as why Pete didnt want to be in their car. “Let the boy be!”, Harris said and the vehicle started to move. It was on automatic control and on rails. As the cars moved, they saw some cerberoses behind the steel fences. They growled silently.

Then they saw some zombies behind a steel fence. Beyond the fence was a vast forest. Elisabeth took pictures of the zombies. The cars drove onwards. They were surrounded by endless forest around them. The jeeps moved slowly onwards. They saw little snakes on top of some palm trees.

Meanwhile the staff were in the control room watching the tourists's trip with computers. Albert was on his desk. He said: “I am going to take a break” and left his desk. Eugene came by to the control room. “Where is Albert?”, he asked. “He went to take a leak”, said one staff member. Meanwhile Albert was inside the laboratory. He looked at bottles which contained both the Z- and G- viruses. He took both and ran to his car. He started to drive towards the entrance gate.

“What the...he's left a message...”, Eugene said when he looked on Alberts desk. The members of the staff looked at it. The message read: “Sorry, but your park is mine now- Albert.” “What a bastard!”, Eugene said. Suddenly the computers crashed. “Its an emergency! We've lost all of our electricity and contact with the jeeps!”, shouted one staff member.

In the amusement park area, the jeeps suddenly stopped. It began raining. “Hey, whats going on?”, Harris said. “Looks like we should be patient now”, Harris said. Pete tried to open the door. “Hey, dont open that door!”, Kirk said. “But I want to go see mommy”, Pete insisted. “Elisabeth and Dana, stay calm ok? Everything is going to be okay. Its just a temporaly electricity shutdown”, Harris said.

Chapter 3: Nightmare

They both waited twenty minutes in the rain. “I'll have to go take a leak”, Kirk said and left his car. Pete was left alone to his jeep. “The zombies are getting restless. We've got to contact the hotel”, Elisabeth said. “The radio's broken. I dont know what could we do”, Harris told. Soon the steel gate couldnt take it any longer. The zombies broke through it. “Lets get going, hurry!”, Harris said and the family ran away. Kirk noticed the zombies and got back to his car. Pete was inside. “Lets go, Pete!”, Kirk said and took Petes hand. They both ran away.

Harris and his family hid behind a giant rock. Kirk and Pete tried to find a safe place to hide. They couldnt so they started running rampart in the road. The zombies noticed them and started chasing them. Kirk and Pete ran away. Elisabeth started sobbing. “Its ok. My son's a maratonar. He will make it”, Harris comforted Elisabeth. Soon a great shadow crept above them. Dana started screaming. It was a great mutant beast, called tyrant. Tyrant lifted Dana up in the air. “Dont take our daughter, you ugly shit!”, Elisabeth said and rushed towards the tyrant, but was turned away. Then Harris stood up and kicked the tyrant in the nuts. Tyrant screamed and released Dana from its grip. The group began running. They saw a waterfall. “Lets jump”, Harris said. Elisabeth resisted a bit, but Harris took her hand and lifted Dana to his arms. “Come on!”, Harris said and encouraged Elisabeth to jump. The tyrant growled. Harris and Elisabeth jumped into the waterfall. They were floating in the river. Tyrant lost them in his sights.

The electricity got back in the control room. Eugene tried to contact the cars. A staff member saw on the computer that the gate leading to the forest had crumbled down. He also saw that Kirk and Pete were running and a legion of zombies were after them. “You go and rescue them with a jeep. Then get back here”, Eugene said. “What about your son and his family? Shouldnt we call the police and go after them?”, a staff member named Matt said. “No. I dont want the press or society to hear anything about this incident. I dont want it leaked to the outer world”, Eugene said.

Matt started his jeep and went after Kirk and Pete. Pete was exhausted. He stopped to catch a breath. Kirk took out his pistol and started shooting the zombies who were crawling towards them. Singular ones were shot down, but the majority drew nearer. “Hurry up Pete, the zombies are after us!”, Kirk said. Pete stood up and said: “Ok then, lets go!”, and started running.

Meanhwile Harris and his family flowed away with the river. Harris grabbed a rock and lifted himself up from the water. So did the rest of the family. They heard the sound of zombies in the forest. “The forest is full of zombies!”, Elisabeth said. “There has to be a way to get back to the guardhouse. For now, lets rest. Lets climb up to that tree”, Harris suggested. The family climbed up to a giant tree and began sleeping. Harris held Dana in his lap.

It was storming in Forbidden Hazard. Albert got lost. He drove to a wrong direction and crashed into a tree. He had to refuil the car to get back on the road. He took a fuel canister and opened the lid. Unfortunately the lid fell down to the forest. Albert went after the lid. Soon he saw it, as he bent over to grab it, he saw a green looking mutant in front of him. It was a hunter. It took few baby steps towards Albert. Albert turned over and started running towards his car. As the hunter followed, Albert turned back and shot the monster with a colt. The hunter screamed in agony and fell down. Albert continued to fuel his car. When he was ready, he saw three more green monsters nearby. Albert opened his cars front door and tried to get in, but he was slashed by a claw. Albert screamed wildly and turned over. He shot one hunter down with his colt. He was slashed by another time and when he shot the second hunter, the third one was up in the air. It had jumped up and then it slashed Alberts head off. Albert was done for.

Matt drove in search for Kirk and Pete. He saw zombies around him. Finally he reached the two tourists. “Over here!”, Matt shouted. Kirk and Pete got into the truck. The zombies were clutching at the windows. Matt started the engine and drove off. Pete was completely exhausted and Kirk explained what had happened. Matt drove the car and Kirk stared at the zombies who ran after them. Suddenly, a zombie jumped at the windshield. Matt stopped the car. He shot the zombie who had attacked. “Its not a long way to the guardhouse. We'll walk for the rest of the trip. I cant drive any longer, the windshield had crumbled”, Matt explained. “I am too tired to go on”, Pete said. “Dont be such a baby, be a man!”, Kirk commanded. The group began walking towards the facility.

Chapter 4: Living with the virus

The new day awakened Harris, Elisabeth and Dana. Harris opened his eyes and so did Dana. Suddenly Elisabeth began screaming. “There is something in my hair!”, she yelled. “Let me take a closer look”, Harris said. “Now dont scream, you two...the tree is full of snakes! Now just jump down from the tree”, he said. The man and the girls jumped down. They ran away from the tall trees. Elisabeth was mad. “Dont look me like that. Are you mad at me or because your hair is a mess?”, Harris asked.

The group continued walking in the forest. Dana saw dead bodies, opened her mouth and wanted to scream, but Harris put his hand against her mouth to stop it. “Leave 'em be”, Harris said. Soon they got out from the forest. They saw a mountain area with lots of sand everywhere. In the horizon, a facility was seen. “You see that? Thats our destination. We'll just keep walking and we'll get through this”, Harris said.

As Kirk, Matt and Pete kept on walking, they reached the backdoor. It was an electronically locked door. The zombies were behind them. Matt started to input the code. “Come on, faster!”, Kirk told Matt. As the door opened, the zombies attacked. Kirk and Matt fired their guns. Pete ran to the facility area. Suddenly, Kirk stopped shooting and also ran away. Matt was left alone. Matt got bitten to the arm. He tried to escape, but the zombies got a tight hold on him. Kirk shut down the door as Matt was killed by the ghouls. Kirk heard the mans last words: “Fuck you...I rescued both of you...”

In the control room, a hell was loose. “ the electricity went off, the monsters in the park got loose! They are after us!”, said one staff member. “Come with me, lets get to the basement and open all the locks!”, Eugene said. As they walked down to the basement, a staff member, named Ric, asked: “Why should we do that for?” I want to give my family a chance to escape, if they manage to get in the facility”, Eugene answered. “But then the monsters can get in here, too!”, Ric said. “I am a risk taker and, regardless of our safety, I am ready to do that little thing!”, Eugene answered and pushed the red button. Every door in the Street Park was now open.

Kirk and Pete opened a door and walked down the stairs. They saw a familiar looking figure. “Granpa!”, Pete shouted. Eugene reunited with his grandson. “Kirk, what happened to my son?”, Eugene asked. “Well I am sorry, but he's probably a goner”, Kirk answered. “I've opened all the locks...I'll hope that he and his family will survive”, Eugene said. “There is someone standing at the door”, Ric said. He went to see who it was. There was a purple colored chimera at the door. Ric shot it with his shotgun. The creature jumped on top of Ric and squeezed him. Ric fell down and died. Kirk shot the chimera with his pistol. The creature turned on its back and died.

“Quickly, come this way”, Eugene said and ran towards another door. Pete and Kirk followed suit. It led them to a storage room. Eugene took a machinegun, Kirk clips for his handgun and Pete a baseball bat. Then Eugene took a staff and opened a manhole. They saw a ladder. “We'll go down to the sewers. From there we'll reach the airport”, Eugene ordered and the group jumped down.

Harris, Elisabeth and Dana scrolled down the mountain paths. Then, in front of them appeared a dog-looking creature. Harris took out his knife and began battling the cerberos. Eventually the cerberos managed to nail Harris down and tried to bite his throat. But Dana and Elisabeth began to strike the cerberos with their knives. The dog disappeared out from their sights. Harris stood up and the group continued walking. They reached the fence. Dana threw her knife against it and it didnt bounce back. The fence was free of electricity.

Harris climbed up and down the fence. Dana followed suit. Elisabeth did the same. But there appeared few cerberose's on the road. “Hurry, Elisabeth!”, Harris yelled from the other side. Elisabeth kept on climbing on the top of the fence, but her leg was grabbed by a cerberos. Harris tried to scare it away, but Elisabeth was dragged down. “Fight back, Elisabeth!”, Harris shouted. Elisabeth was bitten all over her body. She kicked one dog aside. The dog had knife wounds and it fainted to the ground. Elisabeth stood up and slashed one cerberos to its eye. The dog escaped. There was the final cerberos left. Elisabeth began climbing again. The cerberos had a hold on her left leg. Elisabeth was stubborn and kicked the dog. Its grip slipped and the dog ran away. Elisabeth jumped to the other side and was full of relief.

The staff in the control room tried to contact the mainland, but couldnt reach them. Suddenly, from the windows, there jumped a group of zombies. The staff panicked and was attacked by the ghouls. Others managed to escape. They ran to the forest. Others were eaten by the zombies.

Harris and his family got into the facility area. They saw a door. They opened it. They were inside of a laboratory. They saw a map. Harris looked at it and decided: “We must get to the air ducts. That way we'll get to the main lobby and to the jeeps. Its our only chance so lets do it!” They pulled a ladder and went into the air ducts. They were now inside of a long pipe.

Chapter 5: Fly, fly feebles

Eugene, Kirk and Pete were walking in the sewers. Suddenly they heard something. They heard what was going on in the facility area. “The whole place's dead. Listen”, Kirk said. They heard the moans and sounds of masses of zombies. “We must hurry faster!”, Eugene said. They got throught different types of pipes. The water reached their waist. It was cold. They saw a giant spider. Kirk moved Pete away and started shooting at it. The spider moved quickly around the walls. It sprinkled some poison to Kirk's face. Kirk collapsed to his knees. Pete stepped forward and hit the spider with his bat. The spider sprinkled some poison towards Pete, but Pete dodged the attack. “Get away from the spider!”, Eugene shouted and began to shoot the spider with his machine gun. The spider turned on its back and died.

Kirk was feeling a bit wasted. “You are probably poisoned. I dont have any antidotes, they are back at the laboratory”, Eugene said. “I am gonna go back there to take a shot”, Kirk said. “Go if you like”, Eugene said and they parted ways. Suddenly after Kirk went back to the facility, a mighty wave of water came at their direction. They flowed through different pipes. Their ammo was wet. Their guns were useless. Suddenly they saw a group of zombies in front of them. And in behind. They were sandwitched. Pete tried leveling his bat into their direction, but Eugene commanded: “Its no use fighting them. Grab this pipeline and climb up to the ducts”, Eugene told Pete. Eugene grabbed the walls and pipelines and lifted himself inside a pipe. The zombies drew nearer. Pete hit the ones into the head and grabbed the wall and began lifting himself up. The zombies were trying to get a hold of him. Eugene pulled Pete higher. Zombies grabbed Pete's foot, but Pete kicked himself free and got up.

The zombies were below, staring at them. Meanwhile Kirk had returned back at the basement. He switched his pistol to a magnum. It was dark in there. There appeared three hunters in the stairway. Kirk began shooting at them. The hunters jumped up into the air and tried to slash, but Kirk dodged their attacks. One hunter slashed Kirk to the leg with its sharp claws. Blood appeared to the wound. He shot the hunter down. Two more tried to advance. He ran past them to the yard. There were members of the staff turned into zombies. Kirk shot the zombies to the heads with his colt. Then he saw a giant snake in the yard. It tried to bite Kirk, but Kirk evaded its advances. He tried to find the laboratory. The giant snake was pretty fast and it managed to bite Kirk to the chest. Kirk found the lab. He ran down to the laboratory. There he saw antidote bottles. He was feeling a bit weak. He gave himself a shot. He saw an open air duct. He tried to lift himself up. There appeared zombies in the laboratory. Kirk lifted himself up and began sleeping in the air duct.

Harris and his family were up in the ducts. They saw the main lobby from a hole. “If we'd get to the lobby, we'll reach the jeeps”, Harris said and Elisabeth nodded. Then a claw hit the pipe. “Some monster are down there!”, Harris shouted. The group jumped down to the lobby. They saw a giant monster called tyrant. The tyrants left claw began to glow red as it advanced towards the family. Harris jumped to the left side and Dana and Elisabeth to the right side. The tyrant kept attacking and the family kept dodging its attacks. Soon the group grew tired. Tyrant rushed against Elisabeth with all its might and threw her towards the cement wall. She fainted. Dana threw her knife towards the beast. Tyrant started growling. It chased Dana into the corner. Harris rushed toward the tyrants back, he slashed the beast with a knife. The tyrant turned away. It slashed Harris to the stomach with its claw hand. Harris bled and fainted down. Dana tried to avoid the tyrants attacks.

Soon a man was up in the air ducts. It was Kirk. He jumped on the tyrants back and shot it with his magnum. The monster threw Kirk towards the wall. Then it began walking to Kirk's direction. Kirk began to re-load his gun. Kirk shot the tyrant to its heart. The monster screamed in pain and fell to its knees. Kirk finished the monster with another shot to the heart.

Dana began crying. She ran back to her father. He looked like he was dead. Elisabeth woke up. She hugged her daughter who was still in shock. “Lets get out of here!”, said Kirk and waved his hand. Meanwhile Eugene and Pete had reached a ladder which led to the daylight. They got up there. There was a helicopter and a jeep. “We must go and see if there's still survivors left in the guardhouse”, Pete suggested. Eugene nodded his head and they drove down to the guardhouse. They saw Kirk, Elisabeth and Dana. They got inside the car. Eugene and Kirk came back to the lobby and carried the fatally wounded Harris to another jeep. They began driving back to he helicopter.

In the airport, there was a shallow creature called tentatively the licker. Eugene and Kirk tried to avoid the creature and carried the wounded Harris to the helicopter. Elisabeth got into her seat. Eugene jumped onto the cockpit and Kirk helped Dana to avoid the licker. “Walk in circles, like this”, Kirk said to Dana. Dana was shit scared and began just running straight past the monster. She opened the backseat door, but then the licker saw its chance. With its tongue, it smashed Dana's entire head to pieces. Kirk cursed and jumped into his seat. The helicopter got up into the air. As it buzzed away, Harris opened his eyes. He had survived. “Its been a very strange vacation, dad”, he said. Eugene was feeling both embarrassed and sorry. “Street Park was a failure afterall. Some of you lost someone dear, but at least you had the time of your lives!”, he yapped. The others smirked and were too tired to say anything.

City of Chaos

Chapter 1: Dead city

In a small mid-western town known as Raccoon city, people lived peacefully until an evil corporation called Umbrella did some biochemical experiments which turned people and animals into horrendous zombies and monsters. Its September 25th and Mark awakens in his apartment. Mark lives in an apartment building. Mark rises up and watches from his bedroom's window as how zombies are attacking his neighbours in the yard. He takes his rifle out and aims for the living dead.

Denial was the reason Raccoon city turned into a living hell. The majority of its citizens were employees or someway linked with the mega corporation Umbrella. Mark was a former worker in a gunshop. His speciality are rifles. Mark has no family in this city. He had lots of friends, but they moved out from the city as time went by. That left Mark alone with his neighbours.

Mark has, like his neighbours, barricaded himself into his apartment and not even seeking actively a way out. He looks at his fridge. Its empty. Mark takes his rifle and knapsack and heads for the nearest supermarket for more supplies. He opens his apartments door. He goes down the stairs and opens the door. In the yard there is a fight going on. Some zombies notice him when he runs through them to the streets. There were uncommonly lots of zombies in the streets. He went by to the supermarket, but it was already swarming with the living dead. When he came back, he saw a bag, which someone had dropped. It contained some food. When he came back, one of his neighbours shouted: “Mark, come over here!” The resident threw him a rope. Mark dodged the zombies and started to climb the rope. He got to his neighbours apartment. “What is it, Tim?”, Mark asked. “Mark, we'll have to get out of here. Our neighbour Ric has heard from the radio that there exists a rescue station near this city. We'll have to get moving, or we'll starve in here”, Tim said. “Agreed”, Mark declared.

Mark and Tim were smoking at the balcony. They saw Ric in a balcony on the other side. Ric waved his hand and threw a rope to the ground. “You climb the rope, I'll go through the stairs”, Tim said. “Lets go”, he said. As the duo went down to the yard, the zombies noticed them. Tim opened the locked door and went inside the hallway. Mark tried to climb up the rope, but his grip slipped and he fell down to the pavement. The zombies advanced at his direction. As Mark fought the zombies, he became weary all too soon. He saw Mark and Ric up in the balcony. “Hey, give me a hand, will ya? Open the door. I am coming up!”, Mark shouted. Ric and Tim shooked their heads. “No, its too dangerous. Just climb up using the rope!”, Ric shouted. Mark cursed and got another grip of the rope.

One zombie got a hold on his left foot. It opened its mouth and went for a bite, but got shot in the head. There appeared two more men, Vince and Brad. They were out shopping. Mark climbed up to the balcony and was exhausted. Vince and Brad used the stairs. Ric had barricaded to his three rooms plus kitchen apartment. The door to the outside were shut down by a steel gate. “They know we're in here. On occasions, the other residents opens the door leading to the yard, and zombies manage to get in. They ram against my steel door”, Ric explained. “Are we going to stay here? Its safer here than anywhere else”, Mark said. “No. We're not staying here for long. The food is getting rotten and I want to get someplace safe. This area is infested with zombies. You go to find a shop and its full of those things”, Ric answered. The group of five began sleeping.

Chapter 2: Cement wall

Mark was having nightmares and woke up. He stood up and looked through the window. He saw tall apartment buildings and the dark, cloudy sky. There were many zombies in the outside. Why are they here? Mark went into the kitchen and grabbed a beer bottle. He turned the TV on. There was a reporter claiming that people had abandoned a rescue station. It was an airport. The reason was that the police and army couldn't deal with the zombies. There are too many of them. Soon, all the news will be sent on the web. Most of the powers will be turned off. The reality in the USA isn't pretty. Your best bet would be to get to Europe, since even Canada and South-America are starting to grow stale.

“We'd better get moving”, Ric said. “No we can't go yet. There are too many of those things outside”, Tim said. “So what are we gonna do? Wait till there'll be more of 'em? Look, I dont care how afraid you are, no one will rescue us from here. Perhaps you should consider changing your mind”, Mark said.

“I've got a car inside of a parking hall”, Vince said. “I'll need more bullets for my shotgun”, said Brad. “Take it easy. When we're on the roll, we'll loot a gunshop”, Vince said. “When will we be going?”, Mark asked. “Tomorrow morning. We must brace ourselves today”, Ric said. “Lets go smoking”, Mark said and punched playfully Tim to the arm.

Mark and Tim were up at the third floor. “Shit. There are even more of them today. Maybe we'd get moving already today”, Tim said. “Nah. Wait till its dark. Those rugs of shit cant see very well. They pose no threat to us”, Mark said and puffed smoke from his cigarette into the air.

The whole day Tim was nervous and stayed at the balcony for watch. Brad and Vince played chess and Ric drank whiskey and listened to the radio. Mark was looking at the map. “Mallwille South-Texas prison. Built by concrete in the 1960's. Has over 50 rooms and a path to the sewers”, Mark read from a paper.

Tim saw from the balcony that the zombies had opened the front door and swarmed into the stairway. “Heelp! The zombies are loose! They're coming up!”, he yelled. “Holy shit!”, Vince said and grabbed his shotgun. He and Brad opened the door leading to the stairway. The zombies saw the men and rammed towards the steel gate. The gate was rattled but tight. Brad held a protection shield. As Vince opened the gate, the zombies advanced. Vince shot at them with a shotgun. Once. Twice. “Its no use, let me put the fence back”, Brad said. He lowered his shield and locked the gate up. The remaining zombies rammed against the gate. The men shut the door.

“Now what?”, Tim asked. “We'll just wait. Wait for a while. They'll give up eventually. Someone stay watch all the time and others, lets get some sleep”, Ric said. Tim stayed for the watch, while others tried to sleep. The zombies had separated from the corridor. Tim eventually fell asleep himself. It was very quiet the whole night, perhaps too quiet.

In the next morning, everyone was eating breakfast. “Where is your car parked?”, Mark asked Ric. “In a garage in the yard. Drink your coffee and lets get moving”, Ric answered. Brad watched the news on TV. “Hey, look at this. The Mallwille prison rescue station has been abandoned”, he said. “That means that we should check that place out one more time. Perhaps its our dream shelter, who knows”, Ric went on.

The group went downstairs and got to the yard. There were ghouls everywhere. Ric opened the garage door. Vince, Brad, Marc and Tim hopped inside. The ghouls grabbed Ric, but he fought back. He jumped in the front seat and started the engine. The car drove over some zombies. The city looked like deserted. They drove in the quiet streets. There were zombies everywhere. Finally they got on the road leading out from the city.

They drove the road towards the outskirts of the city. They finally saw the Mallwille prison. It had fences and cement walls. They drove to the entrance. “The door's locked!”, Ric shouted. “Forget it. Lets drive somewhere else”, Mark suggested. “Hey! There is a key on the ground!”, Vince said. He saw a key in the ground. It had a carving of a “cat”. The cat key fitted on the lock. They drove to the yard. Vince shut the door. Now they needed to get inside. Vince tried to open the door with the cat key. It fitted into the lock. They got inside the prison. There was a reception desk. There was a dead man at the reception. Brad dragged the man out from the desk and threw him to the other side of the fence. They saw stairs leading up and a steel door before them.

Chapter 3: Day and Night

“Lets make a plan”, Ric announced. “We must separate into two different groups. The mission: secure the place and lets set up a house”, he said. “Tim, you're too tired. You try to sleep in there. I am with Mark”, Ric said. “Roger!”, Vince said and went upstairs. The door in front of Mark was locked. Ric found a key with carving of a dog at the reception. It matched with the lock. They saw a two level room in front of them. Upstairs were some zombies wandering about and in their vicinity were locked down cells. As the two men walked by, the persons inside the cells stood up and stared at the men. They were no doubt also infected.

“Mark, you kill the zombies inside the cells and I will go upstairs”, Ric said. Mark took out his pistol and cleared the cells with headshots. Ric used the elevator and got up. There were zombies in the upper level. Ric took out his knife and slashed at the zombies. The zombies fell down and got up fast. Ric was having a little bit of trouble. Mark saw that Ric was in a bind. The dog key fitted into the cells. Mark took another key out from one prisoners pocket. It had a carving of an eagle. Mark got into the elevator. He saw Ric fighting with the ghouls. He ran over to help him. He took out his pistol and shot the fuckers into the head. He succeeded in killing all of them, but Ric suffered a bite to his right arm.

There was a locked door in the back. The dog key fitted onto the lock. They saw another narrow corridor. They walked through it and saw a shower room, a library and a kitchen. Ric found a blanket and wrapped it around his arm. Mark investigated the showers and library. Ric was sitting at the kitchen table. “Get over here! There is probably nothing interesting in the shower! No naked women!”, Ric shouted nervously. Soon a storage room door opened. Three zombies attacked Ric. Ric defended himself with his knife. One zombie grabbed him from his neck and bit his already wounded right arm. Ric screamed in pain and the zombie bit another time. Mark emerged to the kitchen and killed the ghouls. Ric had fainted on the floor. Mark thought that he was going to turn into a zombie and threw him into the storage room. It was a pretty cold room, perhaps a cellar. Mark found some food and gun shells.

Meanwhile Brad and Vince got up in the stairs. There was a door. They opened it. It lead to a narrow hallway. There were lots of windows and two doors. The other was locked with a carving of an eagle. The other one lead to a bedroom. There were stairs leading down. They went down by the stairs. They got into a sewer looking place. It was pretty dark place and contained more cells. Suddenly a man started running at their direction. The mans eyed were glooming red and he seemed to be in a merciless anger. Vince shot him in the head. The man fell down. The two men thought it was dead and got back up. They went into the main hall. There they met Mark.

“Look guys, Ric is in a really bad shape. He got bitten twice to his arm, now he's in a cellar. I am sorry”, Mark explained. “What you've done is perhaps made a miscalculation. He might still be alive”, Brad said. “You know, he may be, but perhaps cold air can heal his wounds”, Vince said in turn. “Or maybe he has turned into a zombie and is a threat to us”, Mark insisted. “A threat? We'll see about that. But right now I dont care about nothing but food and sleep”, Brad said.

“Then lets go to the kitchen to eat”, Mark suggested. The group got up by the elevator and went to the kitchen. Tim followed them and opened the cellar door. There Ric laid, asleep. His skin color had turned blue. “Lets leave him there. I think he's dead”, Tim said and shut the door. The group ate some food found in the refrigerator and went to sleep.

The next day the group investigated the prison some more. Brad and Vince had found a stairway leading to a dungeon. They also found a locked door. The eagle key fit on the lock. They found the room of the president. There was a working table and a chair in front of them. Tim pressed a button. The chair moved and there appeared a tombstone. Vince and Brad pushed it away and they found a ladder. Mark descened it. They saw a wet sewer. There was some water. In the end of the sewer area there was a room leading to a parking hall. The door was locked and a carving of a wolf was under the keyhole. They group got back up and tried to figure things out.

“All our keys are useless now. We'll have to get to the parking hall, get into a truck and get the hell out of here. This city is no longer safe”, Mark said. “A sound plan. But where the hell is that wolf-key?”, Brad asked. “Perhaps its in the dungeon. But there are some all-too-fast zombies, I am not going down there”, Vince pondered. “I'll go, then”, Tim said. “I'm coming with Tim”, Brad said. “We'll, I am too”, Mark said. “I'll stay up here in case of an emergency”, Vince declared.

Meanwhile Ric was nearly frozen in the cellar. He stood up, but fell back down. His hand had rotten from the outside in. He stood up again and went for the storage room door. But his legs slipped and he fell down, hit his head to a shelf and a bottle of some green stuff broke down. From the bottle there escaped some gas. Ric laid down unconscious for few hours. Suddenly he opened his eyes. It had turned into red. His blood was boiling and he felt all strong and mighty.

Chapter 4: Rage

Mark, Brad and Tim went down to the dungeon. There were flaming torches all around the area. “I saw a dead man down here”, Brad declared. “No shit”, Mark answered. “No I mean, I saw no ordinary kind of zombie. His eyes were glowing red. He was running pretty fast, like he was in some kind of rage”, Brad continued. “Look who's there?”, Tim asked. The group saw a body lying on the ground. “I know this”, Mark said and lit the corpse. As it faded away they continued walking in the lightly lid dungeon.

Vince was in the entrance room. He became hungry soon. He went up to the kitchen. He opened a fridge and ate the remaining food there. Then he saw that the storage room door was now open. He was curious and went to see how Ric was doing. He peeked from the doorway, but saw only some stored food, ammo and serums. He went to examine the room. He saw Ric standing next to a wall. “Uh, Ric, how are you?”, he asked. Then he touched Ric, who fell down. He lifted Ric to his arms, but noticed that it was just a dummy. Then he turned away and noticed that the storage room door was shut down. He was quite scared. Then he finally saw someone standing in front of a shelf. It was Ric. “Ric, how are you?”, Vince asked with a timid voice. Ric turned around. And his eyes were glowing red. Ric attacked Vince in rage. He started to bite and smack Vince until he was dead. Ric stood up and ran through the wall to the other side.

Mark, Tim and Brad finally arrived in front of a locked door. It was locked , carving of a hawk was under the key hole. Then they heard some footsteps. They witnessed someone running full speed at them. Brad and Mark managed to dodge the bash, but Tim was tackled unconscious. Brad shot the monster with a shotgun. The monster grabbed Mark and began strangling him by his throat. Mark was loosing his breath and tried to fight back, but in vain. Finally he fainted, but Brad hit the monster into the head with a hammer. It fell down. Brad lit the corpse on fire. Brad saw six wooden chess pieces: A pawn, knight, bishop, rook, queen and king. There was a riddle on a plate that went: “In the end the pawn and king goes to the same box, but arrange the pieces from the strongest to the weakest.” Brad struggled with the puzzle. An hour passed. Suddenly Mark woke up. He solved the puzzle right away: “King, queen, rook, bishop, knight and pawn.”

They tried to awake Tim, but then they thought that he was dead. After they solved the puzzle, a statue dropped a key to a cup. It had the carving of a hawk. It fit into the lock. As the door opened, there was a breaking sound heard from a distance. “Whats that?”, Mark wondered. “Maybe its Vince?”, Brad answered. They saw nothing but a treasure chest in front of them. They opened the chest, and a few bats were released. “Watch out for the monsters!”, Tim shouted. Brad and Mark witnessed Ric in a merciless rage, smashing Tims forehead with an axe. Brad shot Ric with his shotgun and Mark grabbed the wolf key which was in the chest.

Ric fell down to his knees. The men ran past him. Ric was heard shouting ominous sounds. The men climbed up the ladder and ran to the presidents office. They jumped down to the sewer. The sewer contained one giant spider. Brad shot it with his shogun. Mark tried to run past it, but the spider sprinkled some poison to his eyes. Mark was blind for a moment, then Brad managed to kill the spider. The two men opened the door with the wolf key. They were in a parking area. They saw many zombies. They tried to ran past them and climbed into a truck that had gigantic wheels. Mark couldn't drive, because of his eye wound, so Brad operated the big vehicle.

They drove out from the underground parking hall. They reached sunlight. Soon they saw Ric in front of them. He was holding Tim's head and stood in the middle of the road. “Run past it! Smash him!”, Mark shouted and Brad followed suit. The truck hit Ric full force, but Brad crashed the vehicle towards a tree. Several minutes later Brad woke up. He jumped off the truck. They had crashed into a forest. Mark was up, too. “How are you?”, Brad asked his friend. “A bit poisoned. But I'll persist”, Mark answered.

They wandered in the forest for a while. They climbed on top of a shallow rock mountain. They saw a camp down in the valley. They reached the camp. There were some soldiers, doctors and civilians. They treated Mark's wounds. Brad explained their travels. A man named Dean spoke to him: “I see. Well, theres a helicopter port few miles away from here. They will send a rescue party in seek for civilians. Either way, this continent is no longer safe. I suggest for you to reach the helicopter port and hitch a ride.”

Brad nodded and went asleep. The next morning he and Mark waved goodbyes and followed their journey. They walked for hours and finally reached a fenced area. There was someone on top of a watch tower. They saw an empty helicopter. It appeared that the helicopter was being guarded by a man in the watch tower. The man pointed his rifle towards them and started to shoot at them. Mark ran in circles and avoided the shots. Brad was running in a too straightforwarded manner and got shot to the left leg. He fell down.

“Help me, Mark!”, Brad shouted. Mark looked back at Brad but eventually ran for the copter. He jumped into the cockpit. He saw Brad's head exploding. He was up in the air. The guard shot the helicopter with his rifle. The windshield suffered a fracture. Then Mark operated the helicopters own cannons which destroyed the tower. The tower went to flames as the guard fell down. The sun was shining and the temperature was hot as Mark flew up in the air and towards the north. On his way, he only saw dead bodies or zombified humans. He showed his middle finger to this God forbidden land and escaped to the horizon.


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